Gum Disease Dangers

See How Gum Disease Moves Through the Body

Gum Disease Has Been Linked to Serious Health Problems

If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease in Merced, CA, you must seek treatment with Dr. Israel Trujillo immediately. Gum disease can increase your risk of tooth loss and cause a number of health complications, including:

• Heart disease
• Premature birth
• Low birth weight babies
• Stroke
• Pancreatic cancer
• Memory loss
• Diabetes
• Head and neck cancer
• Kidney disease

Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Merced, CA

Dangers of Gum Disease Merced, CABacteria in your mouth can spread to other parts of the body when you have open wounds caused by gum disease. You must seek treatment for gum disease before these harmful bacteria can circulate throughout the body. Bacteria can relocate to other parts of the body and spread disease in certain organs and systems. Some research suggests a link between periodontal disease and other systemic illnesses, including respiratory disease, kidney disease, ischemic stroke, and diabetes.

Tooth loss can occur when gum disease is left untreated, but this is not the only danger of the disease. Inability to chew properly and a misaligned bite are some common problems when teeth have been affected by gum disease.

The effects of gum disease can be life threatening which is why it is so important to maintain good oral health with regular cleanings and exams. There is no cure for periodontal disease, but it can be prevented and treated.

You can prevent tooth loss and maintain good oral health by getting appropriate treatment for periodontal disease. For more information about periodontal disease treatment and tooth loss in Merced, CA, schedule your consultation with Dr. Trujillo today!