The WaterLase® Dental Laser is a versatile laser tool that allows Dr. Israel Trujillo to treat the tissues with a high degree of accuracy and by causing less trauma to the mouth in Merced, CA. The WaterLase® Drill is often used to perform a variety of procedures such as dental implants, cosmetic procedures, and periodontal therapy. Many dentists now use WaterLase® to perform a number of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures with more accuracy.

How Does WaterLase® Work?

The WaterLase® Dental Laser uses a combination of YSGG laser energy and water through a process called HydroPhotonics™. The drill uses water and light energy to break down the tissue but there is no friction like with traditional drills. Less friction means minimal discomfort for the patient and there is no need for anesthesia. Many WaterLase® procedures, including gum surgery, are performed without any anesthesia whatsoever.

Benefits of WaterLase®

Since there is little to no friction or vibrating effects with the WaterLase® procedure, the entire process is much more comfortable and minimally painful compared to traditional procedures. Many WaterLase® procedures are performed without anesthesia and are less abrasive than procedures performed with other types of tools. WaterLase® patients may experience very little inflammation and discomfort after their treatment, and the tool allows Dr. Trujillo to perform the procedure with a high degree of accuracy.

What Can WaterLase® Do?

The WaterLase® Laser can be used to perform a variety of procedures, including:

• Preparing a tooth for a filling
• Removing cavities
• Roughening and etching hard tissue surfaces
• Excavating pits and fissures
• Preparing for dental implants
• Contouring and reshaping the gum line
• Removing oral growths

If you need gum surgery but want to explore minimally invasive options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Trujillo for laser dentistry in Merced, CA. Dr. Trujillo can provide more information about the WaterLase® procedure and put together a treatment plan that will help you maintain optimal oral health.